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The 'Fab Four' Ingredients to Weight Loss!

What is the 'fab four?'

The fab four is a term for the four food groups we want to incorporate in every meal to balance blood sugar levels, and keep us fuelled throughout the day. Holistic Nutritionist Kelly Leveque also known as @BeWellByKelly was the one to really simplify this way of building balanced meals by calling attention to these food groups - ' the fab four'.

Blood sugar, whats the big deal? In almost all my clients, one of the first steps of any nutrition plan is balancing blood sugar. But why? Well imbalanced blood sugar can cause energy crashes, cravings, stress hormones to be released, anxiety, imbalanced moods and weight gain, especially around the abdomen (belly fat). Some of our most common health concerns. Foods that promote blood sugar instability are carbohydrates, in particular simple carbs. Foods like sugar, cereals, bread, pasta, white rice, muffins and other flour based baking. These carbohydrates break down quickly in the body, convert into glucose and are released into the blood stream. If all of the glucose isn't used for energy right away it is sent away to be stored for later use. Unfortunately only some of it stays stored as glucose, the rest is stored as fat. When we limit the carbohydrates and slow down the release of the glucose into our blood stream, we can avoid this. Foods that stabilize blood sugar levels are fats, fibre and protein. For example, eggs, quality meats, lentils, legumes, nuts, seeds, avocado, fermented tofu, tempeh, and fibrous vegetables.

When we base our meals on fat, fibre, protein and greens we are promoting stable blood sugar levels. By elongating our blood sugar curve we are eliminating cravings, encouraging balanced energy levels, decreasing blood sugar induced anxiety and limiting fat storage.

The more and more we eat these foods we will get out of the carb craving cycle and get into the fat burning state. If you want to increase the time you are spending in the fat burning state be sure to read my last post on Intermittent Fasting - the secret to fat loss!

The best and easiest way to start encorporating the fab four into your diet is to start it with your breakfast. Kelly Leveque started the 'Fab Four Smoothie' by adding these four ingrendients into your blended beverage you will set yourself for success for the entire day. Check out how to make my favourite 'Fab Four' Smoothie here!

I would love to hear what your favourite combination is!

Healthfully yours,



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