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Candida: The Symptoms, The Cause, The Solution

Updated: Dec 6, 2017

What is Candida?

Candida is an intestinal overgrowth of bad parasitic bacteria or yeast. This bacteria thrives and grows on a diet of refined and processed foods like sugar, artificial sweeteners, white breads, pastas, and more. This bacteria can be the underlying cause for not only digestive issues but many other health problems. The Candida produces toxins; these toxins are absorbed into the body and can find itself in areas of your greatest weakness, which is why there are so many different symptoms with Candida overgrowth.

You may have Candida if... can’t seem to lose weight or are gaining weight despite your efforts to be healthful, you may have a Candida problem. Do you find yourself tired most of the time, or feeling bloated or gassy for no reason? Are you often forgetting things or feeling foggy and unfocused?  You may be dealing with Candida. Take this quiz to help you identify if you may have an intestinal overgrowth of bacteria and if your symptoms would benefit from a Candida elimination protocol.

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Our Candida Quiz:

Part A: If you answer ‘yes’ to the statement below add up the score next to it.

  1. Have you taken antibiotics in the past 5 years? 5

  2. Have you taken birth control for more than 6 months? 10

  3. Have you ever had ring worm, jock itch, athlete's foot or other chronic fungus? 20

  4. Do you crave sugar or sweets? 10

  5. Do you crave breads? 10

  6. Do you crave alcoholic beverages? 10

Part A Total:  _

Part B: Score the following questions with appropriate points: Never = 0, Rare or Mild = 3 points, Frequent or Moderately severe = 6 points, Constantly or Very severe = 9 points

  1. Tired or fatigued

  2. Poor immune system

  3. Difficulty losing weight

  4. Abdominal pain

  5. Bloating

  6. Gas or belching

  7. Diarrhea or constipation

  8. Headaches

  9. Skin problems (rashes, hives, fungus, itchy)

  10. Acne

  11. Inability to make decisions

  12. Poor memory

  13. Brain fog

  14. Sleep issues

  15. Anxiety or depression

  16. Low libido

  17. Food or chemical sensitivities

  18. Cold hands and feet

Part B Total:  _

Part A total + Part B total =  Total score

If your total score is: 150 - 225  points: Highly likely there is a bacterial overgrowth 80 - 150 points: Probability there is a bacterial overgrowth 40 - 80 points: Possibility bacteria overgrowth is an issue or may become one Below 40 points: Probably not connected to bacteria overgrowth

Get your Free Candida Elimination Protocol:

If you believe your symptoms are linked to a Candida intestinal bacterial overgrowth, Click here and enter your Email to receive your Free 2 Week Candida Elimination Protocol, created by our Holistic Nutritionist, Carmyn Ferguson, RHN.


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